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  • 600*600MM  Porcelain tiles in coming soon Supplier & manufacturers | MEDICI
    600*600MM Porcelain tiles in coming soon Supplier & manufacturers | MEDICI
    Hello, this is Ferenc, today we come to our production line for introducing more detail. The rustic porcelain tiles on market is mostly of same. How to create the design more high-end base on the same cost and monotonous design? Today follow our camera to know more about our 340 rustic porcelain tiles.GlazingCompare with the glazed spraying product on market, we are glazing with pouring into ground glaze and overglaze. The number of glaze reaches 340 grams. This upgrade not only promoted the smoothness of glazed and color expression, but also the lustrousness get more high quality. Not only that, the skid resistance still within the standard.Antifouling propertyThe test shown that antifouling property still keeping well, customer do not need toworry about that EndingAccording to above information, i believe that you all understand our operation theory that is customer-oriented. The smoothness of glazed and antifouling property has been increased obviously at the same cost. The product color is more imaginative for the designer.In the end of the video, we will share more project case, and hope those case will give all of you more help.If you have any request, please contact us. We are looking for your feedback. 
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